A Distinction without a Difference

When God meets with men/women, God ALWAYS commences and condescends to meet with us. God ALWAYS comes to us, and apart from that truth, humanity can never go to him . . . no matter how high a mountain might be.


What About the Plank? Judging the Founding Fathers.

We are all flawed, and so are all our heroes.  Jesus warns us about taking the speck out of the other person’s eye while ignoring the plank in our own.  That warning is due to our tendency to magnify the sins of others while minimizing our own.  So, I would ask, “What about that, plank?”


Trust? That Depends.

Trust . . . it’s a delicate issue. It’s been said:
“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.”
Without a doubt, we put our trust in both inanimate objects as well as living creatures. Also without a doubt, both have let us down. For instance, a trusted vehicle, all of a sudden, breaks down or an animal, that we thought was safe, suddenly attacks. Those breaches of trust are just part of life, and as much as possible, READ MORE


“But you made me like this God”. . . Pointless!

I don’t think you’d be excited to pick a fight you already knew you would lose. That would be especially true if someone else told you to pick that fight. Such is the case of Mayor Pete Buttigieg encouraging Vice President Pence to take up a quarrel with God concerning Buttigieg’s homosexual lifestyle.


Beneath the cover

It is a well-known saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.”  Clearly that phrase is about going deeper.  The substance or depth of a book can’t be seen on the cover or even in the first few pages.  One must take the time to read and comprehend the volume of thoughts contained within the many pages of the book.  Without the time invested, it’s impossible to intelligently discuss, review, or evaluate the book.  Of course, that phrase applies to more than just books. READ MORE


Too busy for church!

You will notice the title is not a question.  For many, there is no question.  The lives of most church members make that statement each Sunday morning.
Recently, I posted a couple of articles that addressed the issue of “church attendance” on my Facebook page and I found it interesting that both garnered similar responses.  The first article, A Plea to Pastors: Don’t Cancel Church on Christmas, asked pastors to open their church on Christmas Day.  If you recall, Christmas 2016 fell on a Sunday.  READ MORE

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