When We Know We’re Successful

What does a life that is transformed by God look like?

Our mission measures are a set of attributes exhibited in an individual’s life that prove  the accomplishment of our mission. They are also a portrait of a disciple and definition of spiritual maturity. They supply the standard by which the mission can be measured with respect to an individual’s development via the ministry of the church.  If we accomplish our mission, “engaging people through Jesus Christ to transform lives for God’s glory,” what does a truly transformed life look like?

A TRANSFORMED life reflects:

T ime spent praying and seeking God
R elying daily on God
A ctively involved in the church body
N urturing authentic relationships
S haring faith
F orgiving and edifying others
O bedient in giving of time, talent and resources
R epentant and patient in spirit and attitude
M entoring others in their spiritual walk
E ager in giving thanks to God
D iscerning of God’s truth