Workday 05/06/2017

On May 6, 2017, our church came together for our final workday to make all of the finishing touches for our grand opening. 

Update 04/06/2017

Today we PASSED our fire inspection!

Update 04/04/2017

Look who showed up today to "energize" the buildings!!!!!!!

Weekly Update 04/01/2017

More work on the stage this week.  The ceiling is done!  Nice frame job on our plaque, courtesy of Mr. Kevin Nance.

Update 03/30/2017

CenterPoint was here today setting the pole.  We're still on track to have power on Saturday.  Hopeful it will be sooner.  Began parking lot striping today.

Weekly Update 03/26/2017

A little more progress this week.  The deck still requires some finishing touches, but that's pretty much true for everything.  We've been told CenterPoint will be here Saturday, April 1st to hook up the power.  We are praying for good weather that day!

Weekly Update 03/19/2017

Rails and curbs appeared this week!  Still need power...

Weekly Update 03/12/2017

Steps and ramps were installed on the deck a few weeks ago.  Progress was halted by rain, but the guys were able to finish connecting the deck to the three buildings this week.  Hopefully, we'll see some curbs next week.  Still praying for CenterPoint to bring the power. 

Weekly Update 02/25/2017

Made some progress this week on the deck and the stage.  Still waiting for CenterPoint to provide some much needed power.

Workday 02/11/2017

On February 11, church members came together for a workday to help construct the stage and put together furniture and equipment.

Update 02/02/2017

Here are some updated pictures of the deck.  It is coming along nicely!

Update 01/31/2017

Last week crews began framing and laying the rebar for the new parking lot.  Yesterday the existing office building was painted to match the two new buildings.  Around 3 o'clock this morning, cement trucks showed up and began pouring the concrete.  Crews also began constructing the new deck.  The theme for this week is progress!

Update 01/25/2017

The rain has subsided and crews have been working feverishly to get caught up.  Skirting has been installed on the buildings, for the most part.  The parking lot and circle drive have been framed and the rebar is being laid.  Crews hope to pour concrete next week.  Also next week, the plumbing should be installed and work on the deck will begin.  Lots of boxes have arrived!  We will be calling on you to help assemble furniture in the very near future.

Update 01/17/2017

This week has been a muddy mess.  The contractors haven't been able to do much.  The buildings are all assembled, and the next steps are installing utilities, skirting and building the deck.  Big thanks to Austin Allen and Steve Ritchie for laying the walkway back down so we could at least get into the office.  Accepting deliveries has presented a few challenges, but we are making it work.  Forecast for next week looks much better.  Hoping to start work on the parking lot very soon.

Update 01/12/2017

On Thursday, January 12th, the new temporary buildings began to arrive!  Also on this same day, Comcast installed internet access to our office building, so we no longer have to pay cellular data charges!!  In addition, we began the process of giving Humble ISD our 30-day notice.  Get ready church!  Very soon we will be calling on you to help get these buildings ready for worship!

Week of 01/10/2017

Work continues on the elevation.  The existing handicap ramp and rails were removed from the office building in preparation for the new decking.

Week of 01/04/2017

Finally, with the water and sewer systems complete, work began to build up the site to the correct elevation for the new temporary buildings and the parking lot.

Week of 12/05/2016

Mud, mud and more mud... work on the sewer system continues.  We ran into a little hiccup, but nothing that a meeting of the project managers and engineers and a few extra days of manpower couldn't handle.

Update 11/30/2016

Work on the sewer system continues.  They began demolishing the parking lot this week!  That was fun to listen to. 

Week of 11/25/2016

Sewer system is going in.  One thing is for sure, we will experience some awesome sunsets from our new deck on our property.

Week of 11/18/2016

Lots of clearing, digging and dirt moving going on this week!

Week of 11/11/2016

Pretty muddy this week.  Construction dumpster was delivered.  Steps on the back side of the office building were demolished this week to install the sewer system.

Water Meter Vault 

This week the crew began digging to install the water meter vault. This is prep work for the future permanent facility. The circle drive has been laid out. Our plat was officially recorded with the county yesterday, October 26. Lots of progress this week! There's some rain in the forecast for next week, so hopefully that doesn't cause any delays. They are telling us the entrance to the parking lot should be demolished by next Wednesday. Youth will be held at the home of Ruben and Mandy Juarez beginning next week.

More Equipment 

Today, October 20th, more equipment arrived!  Things seem to be moving and shaking on the grounds now.  It won't be long until we have to move Wednesday night youth to a different location.  

Dozer Work

Week of October 17th, and the grass is gone!  The construction crew is plugging along.  We wish they'd plug along a little faster, but still grateful for any work being done.

Equipment Has Arrived!

On Friday, October 14, 2016, the equipment truck finally appeared and dropped off a bulldozer.  The contractor has also installed cameras on the property to monitor the equipment.  Our project is finally underway!

Site Prep Has Begun

On Friday, September 2, 2016, Summer Creek Baptist Church and Maco Construction finally had a chance to sit down and have the pre-construction meeting.  On Monday, September 12, a tractor showed up and began bush-hogging the property, which is the first step to preparing the site for the new temporary buildings.  Unfortunately the rain and also equipment troubles have delayed any further progress.  Hope to post some updated pictures next week!

Harris County APPROVED!

On Friday, August 5th, 2016, the Harris County Engineering Department approved our plans and issued the required permits to begin construction. It's finally time to mobilize the troops!



Update 6/30/2016

On Thursday, June 30, 2016, the church received notice from Generation Park Management District that our site plans have been approved.  Per our engineer, the plans were submitted to the County on the same day.  We are currently awaiting the approval of the County before we can proceed with construction, which generally takes two weeks.  Bulldozers are looming on the horizon.....




On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, our church came together on our property for a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the recent milestones that were reached.  We are currently waiting on a few more pieces to fall into place before we can begin construction.

Bank Loan Closing

On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, we closed on a loan with Plains State Bank to fund the first phase of our building project. 

MACO Contract Signing

On Wednesday, March 30, 2016, we entered into a contract with MACO Construction to prepare our site on West Lake Houston Pkwy for a building.