Engage people around you

As Jesus is standing on the mountain, He tells his followers their new mission in life, "Go, therefore and make disciples" (Matthew 28:19a).  They were not to keep what they had seen and experienced to themselves.  Their job was to share the Gospel with others, not simply to make new converts, but rather to invest in those who would hear the good news and follow Christ.

Jesus had the power to do all that had to be done on this earth alone.  Christ did not need outside assistance to accomplish his mission of saving the lost.  But isn’t it amazing that as He was going about his mission, He engaged the people around him?  He invested in them.  And even though these relationships were sometimes troublesome and other times encouraging, Jesus always involved himself with the people around him.

Our primary means to engaging people is through special church-wide events held throughout the year.  Some examples are Ladies Night Out, Dinner on the Grounds, and Men’s Meating (not a typo).  For the coming year, we plan to add a Guy’s Campout, Women's Retreat, and a July 4th Celebration.

We engage and invest in the relationships of the church as a church family should.