Sunday Worship 5/3/20

This week, in part 3 of the sermon series, “People, We Have a Problem,” we move from the CHARACTER of man to the CONDUCT of man.  Paul describes the NATURE of our conduct and then he identifies the PARTICULARS of our conduct produced by our nature, beginning with our speech.  The apostle strings several Old Testament passages together to drive home his point.  It’s to hear that none of us do good and have all become worthless.  I hope this sermon helps you see the gravity of our situation; and therefore, the magnitude of God’s grace in salvation. – Dr. Paul Lyle

Sunday Morning Worship

“There is a Fountain”
“Mighty to Save”
“You Cannot be Stopped”
“No Longer Slaves”


People We Have a Problem, Pt 3
Romans 3: 10-18 – Dr. Paul Lyle