Youth Bible Study

The youth meet on Wednesday nights in the worship building from 7:00 – 8:00 PM for Bible study, fun and games. This semester the youth are exploring a Bible study from the Bible Project, “The Royal Priest.” 

“In the Bible, the role of priests is quite clear: represent God to the people and the people to God. And we first see this type of calling on the opening pages of the Bible with Adam and Eve. In the garden, God called humans to a royal priestly role, but humans rarely live up to this calling. These biblical stories of humanity’s failed attempts at priesthood point to the ultimate royal priest, Jesus, the one who will restore the blessings of Eden so that all humanity can become the royal priests we were made to be.

In our video series The Royal Priest, we take a close look at the Bible’s portrayal of the royal priest, from Eden and the first humans, to Abraham and Melchizedek, Aaron and Moses, and King David, until we finally see the culmination of this rich biblical image in the person of Jesus. Jesus fulfilled the royal priestly role and made a way for humans to live out the calling first received in the garden.”

Click below to download a pdf of the study notes:
The Royal Priest Study Notes Collection

Check out the video series on Facebook Watch:
BibleProject – The Royal Priest Playlist

Looking forward to seeing our youth and friends on Wednesday nights.

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