“Latte” Moon 2023

During this time of year, we, Southern Baptists, collect what is known as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. If you did not grow up Southern Baptist, this may be new to you. When we send missionaries all over the world, unlike some other denominations, we fully support those on the mission field. They do not use their time fundraising, but instead, they can fully devote themselves to spreading the Gospel. This one offering represents 59% of the total yearly IMB (International Mission Board) budget. Secondly, 100% of Lottie Moon offerings goes to support the missionaries. I hope that you will join with me and give beyond your tithe to support Southern Baptist Missionaries worldwide.

We will come together for coffee, breakfast and fellowship while we collect donations for Lottie Moon. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fellowship with your church family for a good cause! We will begin serving at 8:50 AM.

To contribute online, click HERE and select Donor Restricted Donations / Lottie Moon, or you can drop cash or check in the offering plate marked Lottie Moon. Thank you, in advance, for being such a giving church.

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